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Dear User

These terms and conditions of use establish the rules and obligations for access and use of the website www.sportspocketbook.com. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, regarding Sports Pocket Book's rules of conduct (hereinafter "SPB") online.

1. Acceptance

1.1. SPB makes available to you the contents of text, comments, messages, information, graphics, photographs, informative or opinion articles, illustrations, software, audio and video contained on the Website provided that the content is accepted without any reservations, conditions or modifications. Terms and conditions of use.

1.2. The Contents and the Web pages available on the websites under the domain www.sportspocketbook.com belong to the SPB.

1.3. SPB reserves the right to change, edit or delete, in whole or in part, the present Conditions and to establish new conditions of use. Such changes or additions to the Conditions shall take effect after their disclosure on the Website.

1.4. You may at any time read the updated version of the Conditions by clicking on "Terms and Conditions of Use".

2. Use of Contents

2.1. You may use the Content displayed or disseminated on the Website, for exclusively personal purposes, through the Internet, in the other terms contained in these conditions.

2.2. Any modification, copying, distribution, transmission, publication, license or creation of contents or works that are based on or that integrate the Contents is strictly prohibited.

3. User registration

3.1. As a condition of using certain features of the Website indicated therein, you must first register by entering your full name, e-mail and password and other additional information, in accordance with the other indications given on the Website, in the registration functionality.

4. General conditions of sale of goods or services

4.1. Celebration of contract

4.1.1. The contracts are entered through the Website by electronic means, in Portuguese, English or Spanish, depending on the user's preference.

4.1.2. SPB will store the customer's order number and name for a period of 12 months after the order is placed, which the customer can access by sending an e-mail to info@sportspocketbook.com in that period.

4.2. Identity and contact of the supplier; Essential characteristics of the goods or services

4.2.1. The identity of the supplier and his address as well as the essential characteristics of the goods or services put up for sale and their price are made available on the Website.

4.3. Correction of errors in order

4.3.1. Any customer errors in your order can only be corrected if it has not yet been shipped by sending an e-mail to info@sportspocketbook.com. The intended correction will only be considered validly requested after written confirmation from the SPB of your reception.

4.4. Shipping costs

4.4.1. Delivery of orders is subject to the payment by the customer of shipping costs that are in force at the time of order and taking into account the method of transportation, payment and envelope size to be used in the order.

4.4.2. Shipping prices include VAT at the applicable legal rate.

4.4.3. In the case of shipments to countries outside the European Union, the same are subject to the payment of Customs Tariffs that are determined by the country of destination, payment of which is the sole responsibility of the customer. In case of remittance to the SPB of the order for non-payment by the customer of the Customs Fees for which the customer is responsible, the customer will bear the costs of resending.

4.5. Arrangements for payment and delivery or execution

4.5.1. Depending on the type of product / service / content ordered, the following means of payment will be available: Bank Transfer, Paypal or Shipping to Billing (only for Portugal).

4.5.2. The products will be delivered by mail or by carrier at the address indicated by the customer when ordering. The services and content will be provided in a manner appropriate to its nature.

4.5.3. In case the products are not received and for which reason they are returned to SPB, you can contact in writing the SPB communicating the address to which you want the products in question to be re-dispatched, proceeding to the previous settlement, through the means of payment indicated in clause 4.5 .1 above, of the shipping costs for which the estimate will be given, and presenting the order form and valid identification document. After said maximum period of 60 days, the SPB will consider the products abandoned by the client, reserving the faculty to destroy them or to give the destination that understands. We also warn that the guarantee periods of the redirected products may be expired, as they begin to count from the moment of the first shipment by the SPB, to the address indicated by the customer, reason why SPB declines all responsibility for any defect Or nonconformity that the products may have.

4.6. Right of withdrawal

4.6.1. The customer may terminate the contract without payment of compensation and without having to state the reason within 14 days of receipt by the customer of the product.

4.6.2. The right of withdrawal provided for in the preceding paragraph shall be exercised by sending the SPB, within the period stipulated in the previous number, a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, communicating the will to terminate the contract.

4.6.3. The right of withdrawal will only be valid and effective if the client restores the products within a maximum period of 30 days from their receipt, in the exact original conditions in which they were sent to the address indicated by the customer and by delivery of a copy of the proof of purchase.

4.6.4. The return of the contracted services, given its ephemeral nature, will only be accepted within 24 hours from the date of sending the order confirmation by the SPB, if in that period the service has not elapsed.

4.6.5. The customer can not exercise the right of free resolution in contracts whose goods acquired have been personalized and also in contracts whose goods or services purchased, by their nature, can not be returned.

4.6.6. When the right of free determination has been exercised by the client in accordance with the foregoing, SPB will reimburse the amounts paid by the client by the means it deems most appropriate. If SPB intends to make a refund by bank transfer, the client must, for this purpose, indicate his NIB (Bank Identification Number) to the SPB.

4.7. Period of validity of the offer or contractual proposal

4.7.1. The offers or contractual offers made available by SPB are valid until the order confirmation by the SPB.

4.7.2. If the customer opts for the Multibanco payment method, the offer or contractual proposal will be valid until the moment of payment, within a maximum period of 48 hours.

5. User Obligations

As a condition of the use allowed in these Conditions, the User undertakes to respect the following:

a) Respect the rights of SPB and third parties;

b) Not to violate the good customs and to respect any and all legal dispositions, making a correct and adequate use of the Website, with strict respect of the present conditions that it has read, understands and accepts in full and without any reservations;

c) Not to modify the software in any way, nor to use modified forms of the software, namely for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the Contents or any reserved content.

6. Intellectual property

6.1. All industrial and intellectual property rights over the Contents and the Website belong to the SPB.

6.2. The User acknowledges that the Contents are protected by the copyright and related rights and other applicable legislation belonging to the SPB.

6.3. SPB will not tolerate infringements of intellectual, industrial or personal property rights and / or property rights.

7. Privacy Policy

The SPB undertakes to safeguard the User's online privacy. The SPB privacy policy is available at www.sportspocketbook.com ("Privacy Policy"), which is an integral part of these Terms.

8. Sports Pocket Book Warranties

8.1. SPB in no way guarantees to the User that:

i) The Contents, Goods or Services fulfill or are capable of fulfilling any needs or expectations of the User;

ii) Any errors in the software must be corrected;

8.2. No advice or information obtained by the User through the Contents and / or the Website will create any guarantee that is not expressed in these conditions.

8.3. The Website is a public electronic communications network that can be used by several users and, as such, is subject to computer overload, so SPB does not guarantee the provision without interruption, loss of information or delays in such situations or force majeure.

8.5. The information that SPB collects on the Website is anonymous information. This information is processed to help improve the content of our website, to adapt it to our visitors and to know more about them and how they are used. By doing so, SPB may use control technology (cookies) to gather anonymous information such as Internet browser type, operating systems and the date and time of access. SPB does not collect any Personal Data unless it is provided by the User in a specific, voluntary and conscious manner.

9. Responsibility

9.1. The SPB shall be liable for damages suffered by the User arising directly from the breach or defective performance of SPB's obligations, under the present conditions.

9.2. SPB shall not be liable to the User:

a) for any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties resulting from the use or impossibility of the use of the Content or the Website, due to delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications and loss of information in that sequence that originate in In particular, any deficiencies or failures caused by the communications network or communication services provided by third parties, the computer system, the modems, the connection software or any computer viruses or from downloading ( "Downloading" of infected files or containing viruses or other properties that may affect the terminal equipment of the User, in particular when the User does not install the appropriate software to protect access, as well as in situations of unpredictable overload of computer systems.

b) for any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties that may arise from technical failures of capture, visualization or use that are not imputable to the SPB or resulting from the discontinuation of the Contents;

c) for any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties that may arise from any unauthorized use of SPB servers and / or all information and data hosted thereon.

d) for the correctness, timeliness or veracity of the information contained in the Contents;

e) for any errors, deficiencies or inaccuracies of the Contents and for any damages that any errors, deficiencies or inaccuracies of the Contents may cause to the User.

10. Communications and notifications

10.1. Without prejudice to other forms of communication provided in these conditions, all notifications made to the User under these conditions, including any changes thereto, will be made to the e-mail address indicated by the User in the Register. If you wish to contact SPB, you may do so through the e-mail info@sportspocketbook.com.

10.2. Notices shall be deemed to be made on the business day immediately following the date of dispatch of the notification to the e-mail address indicated by the User in the Register.

10.3. The User undertakes to notify SPB of any change in the e-mail indicated in the registration act. Failure to comply with this obligation renders ineffective with SPB any change of address, considering that all notifications under the terms of 10.2.

11. Resolution

11.1. SPB may terminate these Conditions and terminate User's access registration and may remove User's comments immediately in the event of non-compliance or breach of these conditions.

11.2. The resolution of the conditions and access register of the User operates within 5 days after the SPB is notified to the User's email address, without prejudice to the ability of SPB to immediately remove any comment from the User that violates any of the obligations assumed by the User Under these conditions. In this case, the User shall immediately cease any and all use of the Website.

12. Final provisions

12.1. If any of the provisions of these conditions are declared void, ineffective, or annulled, this will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining clauses, which will remain fully in force.

12.2. The Portuguese Law shall apply to all matters governed by these conditions.

12.3. In the event of a dispute, in the interpretation or application of these conditions and also in the interpretation and execution of the contracts entered into through the Website, the jurisdiction of the Porto district is expressly waived.