How to Shop?

Sports Pocket Book Online store

In the Sports Pocket Book Online store, SPB is pleased to provide a range of  sports products. Here you can buy comfortably whatever you want without problems or complications. If you are a Coach, Player or Scouter, here you will find everything you need to the requirements of your everyday sports life.

In order to help you with your purchase, we provide below some frequently asked questions.

How to Buy on the Online Store?

In order to purchase in the SL Benfica online store, just "Add"
the products you want to buy to the shopping cart. You may at any time check your cart in the upper right corner of your screen before finalizing your purchase.


How do I finish my order?

Before finalizing your order, you can always add other products to your cart.  Once you have everything you want in the cart, just check it for possible updates, or proceed directly to the "Checkout".

Checkout process

The checkout process aims at finalizing your order in a simple and safe way, and with the minimum information required to receive your purchase at home or elsewhere, if so requested.

If you are already registered, we have the Login option on Sports Pocket Book.

This option allows you to automatically fill in the required fields in order to proceed with the purchase, as well as to save information related to the order for future reference.

If you do not have Login, there is no problem, because you can proceed to the purchase without logging in and,Registado
if you are a member, with the respective discount you are entitled to.

However, we recommend that at the end of the order, at the checkout process, you select the "I want to create a Sports Pocket Book account"
option, and you will be able to check at any time your order history and other information.

Billing data

Here we require minimum information to proceed with the billing, to the specific order processing and contacts if necessary. The required fields are: Country, Phone no. and E-mail for order processing purposes, and contacts if necessary.

Delivery data

Here it is important to fill in all mandatory fields. These are the data that we will use to deliver your order and ensure that you receive it effectively. Confirm that the data are correct.

Afterwards, also depending on the item you are buying, you will be presented the different forms of payment at your disposal.

How do I pay my order?

Depending on the items you chose, you will be presented the forms of payment available. However, the common options are: bank transfer or PayPal.

Has my order been successfully completed?

To make sure that your order has been successfully completed, you will have to view a page with the number assigned to your order and receive a confirmation email at the address you entered in the billing data. You can also check this order and all others on

Payment of the purchase process

• Check the data of your order’s summary;
Registado• Read and accept the sale conditions of Sports Pocket Book’s official website;
• Choose the shipping option of your order;Registado
• Choose the payment method of your order and indicate the respective requested data;Registado
• Finally, click the "Finish orders" button.